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Knitting is a 5000 year old craft that has gone through major evolutional changes and transformations, becoming a contemporary technique inextricably linked to technology and a plethora of diverse and modern applications.

Knitting is today an additive manufacturing digital technique of the future, revealing new prospects and unlimited innovation opportunities. At the same time the evolution in Cad systems, knitting machine technology and the research of new and advanced materials has led to a unique capability known today as 3D Knitting.

3D Knitting  is the ability to knit-to-shape fashion and technical products in various shapes and forms, coming out of the machine in one single piece of fabric, having already taken their final shape or ready to wear form.
This major opportunity of the 3D Knitting technique places the emphasis on the importance of the pre-knitting process through research, development, and effective programming. It requires high standard professional work and expertise, experienced, skillful and problem solving engineers to develop applicable solutions and ensure high quality results.

At the same time the numerous advantages of 3D Knitting can solve and evolve modern product design. The technical structured zones, functional materials, form fitting shapes, automated one single piece knits can all be operated with the least waste possible, ensuring maximum environmental benefits and significant cost and time reduction.

The industry is rapidly adapting and becoming more interested in investing towards the endless possibilities and the contemporary solutions that 3D Knitting can offer. 

3D Knit possibilities are appearing at rapid pace in many industries and product types: Fashion, Footwear Sports , Technical Textiles, Health & Medical wear, Smart textiles, Interior Design, Automative and Architecture.